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Every org I have worked in has technical debt and general house keeping that needs to be done. Also most orgs I have worked in have little to no documentation. Normally when cleaning up objects I use FieldTrip but recently I found another App called Field Pro. This app differs because not only does it tell you info about how used the field is, it also shows you WHERE the field is used without having to build your own queries against the tooling and metadata API. It also can do quick lookups on single records or do everything on a object by object basis so you can then report on it.

So lets say I find this field and I am can quickly see how much it is populated with a quick report or SOQL query. What I really want to know is in the last year how much is it populated and also where is this used? This is where for me Field Pro SHINES. Go to the App, type in your field, run analysis if it needs to be done (takes no more than 15-30 seconds) and BAM you get this amazing output.

Currently due to limitations of doing this analysis in bulk it doesn’t scan Reports, Process Builder, Flows, or Permission Sets. But look at all this other AMAZING information at my fingertips! Last time the field was scanned, the population percentage in the last whatever time frame you set, then the best at least in my opinion WHERE the field is used and who can see it! This also allows you to do full Object scans and then report off it!

Now lets see how many Custom Fields I have on the Account Object that are Custom and when they were created. This used to be pretty annoying to get at either a manual process or some sort of Metadata API call but now bam!

I can’t give enough praise for how amazing this app is and how much it has helped me. Go give it a go in your org.

3 thoughts on “My favorite new Salesforce App

  1. Sidharth Agarwal

    Thanks for listing FieldPro in your forum. I published this app some time back on app exchange and have seen huge response and usage by various companies. Glad it’s being loved.

    1. Debbie K

      Hi Sidharth – I have a question. When I run it , it only looks at records created in the last 365 days. I want it to look through all records. I tried to find a custom setting to change that but could not. Is there someplace to change the query to look at all records?


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